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West of the 4th availability

Posted by Jo McMahon on

You may know that West of the 4th is a small family business, based in Canada.  It's run by Nancy and Corwyn, who have welcomed their baby daughter Thryn into their family this year. As a result, Nancy has decided to focus her weaving on the custom designs that she will be offering regularly.  They have also released their Accessible range of machine woven wraps that closely resemble her handwoven pieces, at a price that makes them available to more people.  Nancy and Corwyn would love everyone to have a West of the 4th creation to wrap their baby in.

There are still handwoven wraps available in existing colourways to purchase.  Some of these are listed in my store, but due to the low numbers I don't want to sell you something that may not be available, so I haven't listed everything.

Here is a list of the handwoven wraps that are available (at time of writing).  I am more than happy to confirm size availability prior to purchasing if you send me a message at info@frangipanibaby.com.au.

Anything listed in my store that says it's available to ship immediately is here in Australia already, so you can order these products with confidence.  The Accessible range will be available in all sizes, but need to be shipped here from Canada first.

If you would like a wrap created in your custom colourway, join the West 4th Custom Creations group on Facebook for information.

View colourways here: http://www.west4thwraps.com/#!colourways/cc16

100% Cotton

  • Dark Blue Sky (most sizes)
  • Blue Sky (No ring sling)
  • Confetti (Large)
  • Confetti Gala (most sizes)
  • Signature - Brown Weft (No XL)
  • Signature - Ivory Weft (No ring sling or XL)
  • Elements - Wind (most sizes)
  • Elements - Water (No XL)
  • Elements - Earth (No XL)
  • Elements - Fire (most sizes)
  • Enlighten - Purple Teaching (most sizes)

 50% Cotton, 50% Merino wool

  • Signature - Merino Weft (no XL)
  • Grey Sky (no XL)

 50 % Cotton, 25% Flax, 25% Lyocell

  • Signature - Flax blend weft (no M, L)
  • Grey Sky (most sizes)
  • Illuminate (No XL)
  • Dark Blue Sky (most sizes)
  • Blue Sky (most sizes)


  • Glow – various wefts (ring sling, S, M)
  • Kurunpa – various wefts (ring sling, S, MS, M)
  • Artist – cotton silk (M)

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