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Bebe Sachi Khadi Iris - size 6

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We are proud to present the Iris Khadi for our 2015 Khadi project.

It has been a labour of love from the very beginning which is why Bebe Sachi Khadis are only produced once a year. The weft yarns are handspun, then dyed and air dried before the weaving process itself takes place. Weaving a khadi is a long and tedious process which requires careful handling of the yarns. To learn more about our Bebe Sachi Khadis, please go to this link: https://www.facebook.com/notes/bebe-sachi/bebe-sachi-khadi-faq/583770308338374

Like the previous khadi (leo), Iris also comes with a silk version. Iris 100% cotton stands at 260gsm. Variegated lavender warp and natural coloured handspun khadi yarns as the weft with green/yellow variegated signature teaching rail.

Inspired by the colours of the beautiful Iris Lavender flower, this soul-satisfying, beautifully refined wrap is truly something special. The variegated lavender warp colours are like the conspicuous veining on the actual flower itself which simply adds sprightliness to the wrap. A crisp touch of green on as the signature rail gives it a refreshing look and further enhances the serene feeling of joy – like a magical spell!

The weaver of Iris Khadi is Suruj Ali. He is 60 years old and is our most experienced weaver. For those who LOVE the Rebung Opal, well, this is the weaver that made it so very special!

Not just anyone can weave a Khadi. It takes a special person to have the kind of patience and passion for weaving it. We are so incredibly proud of Suruj for having produced this masterpiece! Xx

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