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Bebe Sachi Khadi Royal Blu - size 6

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Cotton (Royal Blu): 100% cotton, 300-310g/m2

Variegated royal blue and gold warp and royal blue handspun khadi wefts

We wanted something different for the 2016 Khadi and we got exactly that! The inspiration photo for our newest Khadi was a royal blue and gold wedding theme. We are honoured to introduce Royal Blu Khadi, a royal blue and gold celebration that is and will carry you through any occasion or season.
Bebe Sachi Khadis are only produced once a year. The weft yarns are handspun, then dyed and air dried before the weaving process itself takes place. Weaving a Khadi is a long and tedious process which requires careful handling of the yarns. To learn more about our Bebe Sachi Khadis, please visit this link: https://www.facebook.com/notes/bebe-sachi/bebe-sachi-khadi-faq/583770308338374
REVIEWS: Cotton Royal Blu Khadi
Megan Turns
Straight out of the bag I fell in love with Royal Blu cotton. The colours, a rich deep blue and gold, were hard to capture in photos. With the first wrap I learnt quickly to improve and adapt my tightening skills, but even in a sloppy wrap job it is comfortable. I was expecting a thicker wrap with rougher texture, but from memory I would say it is about the same as Iris Khadi. Passes hold secure and it does takes some tightening; when perfected it is pure bliss. I found it cushy on shoulders, but not as cushy as the Natty Khadi v2 I have just had on holiday. It also has some stretch. It is fantastic either as a base or shortie, and perfect for my squish. We were only able to have a one or two ups with our toddler so we didn’t get to test it for long distances, but I can imagine it would also be fab.
Cate Earnshaw Dudley 
We only had this travelling visitor for 3 hours (one of which was spent driving!), but Royal Blu cotton made a strong impression. The handspun Khadi threads are fine and whilst still perfectly textured, they are more uniform than the earlier Khadis. The colour is a beautiful mid blue with hints of gold and sage green, which to me gives an impression of butter soft vintage denim. My toddler was keen to come up, and she cheered as Royal Blu tightened easily and took her weight. Passes moved easily and the shoulders actually pleated themselves. Leo cotton and Iris silk and cotton live here, so to compare, Royal Blu is far more like Iris than their older big brother Leo. Royal Blu is light, soft and easy to wrap with. This is another artisan masterpiece from Bebe Sachi.
Dewi Roslani
Looks-wise is where Royal Blu varies most from the previous Khadis. It is a gorgeous blue, almost indigo, similar to prototype Blu, but mixed in with a sandy brown/gold colour. The characteristic Khadi teaching rail is also less pronounced – it is a similar gold to the rest of the wrap and hardly noticeable when wrapped. I found it very difficult to capture Royal Blu’s true colours with just my cell phone. Royal Blu cotton’s wrapping qualities are very much what you would expect from a Khadi: that lengthwise stretch, weightlessness, clouds on the shoulders. You do need to take some time to harness that stretch and work with the grip in order to tighten strand by strand. Wrappers new to Khadis would really notice the grip with the second passes. But having said that, Khadis are one of the few wraps where you could wrap sloppily in a hurry, and you and LO would still be comfortable sometime later. In hand Royal Blu feels very similar to its predecessor, Iris. If you liked the general wrapping qualities of Iris but not the colourway, Royal Blu may be for you. That said, no two Khadis are totally alike!

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