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Yaro Basic: Broken Twill 33 - size 9 (6.5m)

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Note: size 9 is a very long length, and would mostly be used for plus sized babywearers and/or those needing a longer length for specific types of carry (e.g. tandem carrying with twins).  It is also useful for conversion projects.

Yaro Sling’s philosophy behind Broken Twill 33 

Promoting babywearing and making it accessible to all parents has been the basic concept behind the creation of Yaro Slings. Being parents and babywearers ourselves for nearly 11 years we have seen a lot of positive development on the babywearing market throughout these years. The price of a woven wrap was and still is an obstacle for many parents to start wearing their child ergonomically.

Broken Twill 33 is a 100% cotton wrap in ecru woven in the broken twill technique. This is a well known basic weaving technique which is suitable for an all around, simple woven wrap. The weight of the wrap (GSM) is around 240-250 gr/m2. Just like any other woven wrap it will need a good wash when in the loom state and a short breaking in period. This is an easy going wrap which is suitable for younger and older babies.

All Yaro wraps, including the Basic Line Broken Twill 33, are being produced within the European Union according to all the industry standards, requirements and labor regulations. All the steps of the production process – designing, weaving, cutting, sewing, packing – are performed within the EU.

All our yarns fulfill high quality standards that assure they are safe to use with babies and toddlers. The dyeing process of our yarns is according to Oeko-Tex standard and the dyeing of our organic yarns is GOTS certified.

We are often being asked how we manage to offer wraps with such great quality for such affordable prices. The answer is simple. We believe in ethical and ecological production and therefore we work on optimizing all our processes to the fullest. We try to work as much as possible with suppliers who use ecological, closed loop manufacturing processes, solar and wind energy in order to minimize the impact of the production process on the environment.

The Broken Twill 33 wrap is not created for our profit. We cut our own margins to extremes so we can offer this as cheaply as possible, but we hope with this that the price of a woven wrap will no longer be the main obstacle for new babywearers.

Together with you, our Yaro fans and customers, we strive to promote and facilitate ergonomic babywearing for all parents. Let's spread love and babywearing!


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