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Pocket face mask - Black Roses

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Washable fabric face mask with two layers of cotton, a pocket opening to add an optional water-resistant layer and filter (not included) and elastic ear loops.  This mask is not medical grade. 

Mask can be reversed.  Elastic ear loops should be tightened to ensure a comfortable fit.  Refer to the guides on making adjustments to your mask, on the Frangipani Baby blog.

  • Outer: Black roses cotton
  • Inner: Red cotton
  • Ear loops: Black 3mm knitted elastic

Sizing & Dimensions:

Size: Adult Standard
Width: 36cm (cheek to cheek across nose)
Height: 15cm (bridge of nose to just below chin)

Hand made locally by Emma Logan.  Some variation in design is to be expected.


Washing instructions: 
Remove filter (if used)
Place mask in washbag and machine wash
Air dry or tumble dry
Light iron press

Adding inserts:
A water-resistant layer and filter can be inserted into the pocket.  Inserts should be removed before washing. A guide to adding inserts is on the Frangipani Baby blog.

  • Water-resistant layer can be made from reusable ‘green’ shopping bags, cotton polyester blend/ polypropylene fabric blends, exercise clothing.  
  • Filters can be made from paper towel, facial tissues, coffee filters or vacuum cleaner bags.  

Please note, handmade masks are not TGA approved and are NOT to be used as a substitute for medical grade masks or N95 respirator masks.  These masks are designed for use by adults.  Please keep children supervised at all times if they are wearing a mask.  Masks are not suitable for babies or infants under 2 years old.

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