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Moondani Waratah Ring Sling

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Length: Large (220cm)

Shoulder: Hybrid

Design: Waratah

The Flower that inspired this wrap is a powerhouse to say the least! When you see a Waratah in bloom it is awe inspiring and stops you in your tracks...And so will the Moondani Waratah design. Woven with a rich, lustrous red tencel weft set against a black warp that just feels like luxury to touch, luxury to wear and a joy to wrap with.

Weighing in at 285 GSM and soft in loom state but dont let that fool you, the wrapping strength of this blend is something to behold. Newborn to toddler and beyond, tencel has a strength greater than that of linen yet a soft silkiness that puts you straight at ease. Using 100% natural fibres, you will find Waratah has the breathability to be worn in comfort year round even in a hotter climate.

Strength, courage, Faith.
The essence of the Waratah flower is used to treat "black night of the soul", that lonely feeling in the middle of the night that makes you feel hopeless. Waratah is strong and powerful and works fast to restore balance to these emotions. Wrap yourself and your child in the beautiful energy of the Waratah flower.


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