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Pibella Travel (urination device)

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This ingenious urination system is highly appreciated by teens and elders alike!

Pibella provides the perfect solution during uncomfortable and embarrassing situations when urinating.

Pibella is a unique urination system that stands the test on a global scale – whether travelling, on expeditions, at events, during illness or in hospital.

Both models have undergone years of development and refinement and are used by people from all walks of life and within a great variety of activities and needs.

The Pibella Travel model is used either sitting or standing.

The Pibella Comfort model is used lying down or sitting, and includes a bag and lid.

The Pibella Travel urination system allows women to urinate while standing or sitting – without touching a toilet seat, and wherever they may be in the world.

Pibella Travel was specially designed to provide an easy and smooth usage while standing or sitting.

Pibella Travel works perfectly for sports and all outdoor activities, providing you with more freedom and security.

This model allows you to urinate in facilities in planes, trains, buses, service areas, camping sites or restaurants without having to touch the toilet seat.

Especially pregnant people who are highly prone to infections; they should consciously use Pibella Travel in such situations.

Pibella Travel is the perfect aid if legs are bandaged or in a cast. It is also very useful if both sitting down or crouching pose a problem.

Pibella Travel can also be used in a confined area such as a car or wheelchair.  Just place the end of the tube in a plastic bottle.

The Pibella Travel urination system allows for water to bead off; it can be cleaned in dishwashers; it‘s rinseable and can even be boiled (up to 135°C); it is a product than can be used an infinite number of times. We recommend practising at home in the shower.

• Use in a standing or sitting position
• Hygienic and easy
• Maintains privacy and dignity 
• Reduces the stress of finding a public restroom 
• Decreases contact with contaminated public toilets 
• Keeps skin and clothing dry when properly used
• Allows a person to relieve themself whenever necessary
• Consists of skin friendly, non-irritant, polypropylene
• Dishwasher Safe
The Pibella Travel urination system allows people to urinate while standing or sitting – without touching a toilet seat, and wherever they may be in the world.

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