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TRON disposable potty

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TRON the architect-designed disposable potty - perfect when you are out & about with your little one


  • So light - Tron fits easily in a purse
  • Closes easily and odour-free until disposal
  • Super-absorbent, biodegradable liner
  • Eco-friendly biodegradable cardboard
  • Potty training can be done easily and conveniently
  • Suitable for up to 30 kg and ages 1-6


TRON is a wonderful tool for effective potty training. Your child can keep up toilet training wherever and whenever needed.

TRON can also be used when traveling on public transport, in nursery school, during outdoor events or when the child stays in hospital.

STABLE - Can take weight of up to 30kg!

The structure of your TRON potty has been carefully tested by an independent institute. The test results proved your TRON potty can take up to 30kg without bending.

HANDY & PORTABLE - Simple and easy to use.

The disposable TRON potty is incredibly practical. It will easily fit into your bag, jacket or jeans pocket. In comparison to other potties it is easy to use - simply unfold then fold up again.

INCLUDES SUPER ABSORBENT PAD - Efficiently absorbs liquids and eliminates odours.

Your TRON potty is lightweight, small and has a biodegradable highly absorbent SAP pad.

Absorption takes place as soon as contact with a liquid or soft substance is made.

The pad is able to absorb 250ml of liquid within 30 seconds!

 SAFE & HYGIENIC - Tight after closing.

A specially designed closing element enables quick protection from the contents of your TRON potty leaking.

TRON potty comes with built-in handles making handling easy and limiting contact with the potty.

BIODEGRADABLE - caring for the environment

A combination of recycled materials and low impact production techniques make TRON an environmentally friendly product.


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