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Bebe Sachi Rimba Jati

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Bebe Sachi Jati Rimba is the third installment of the brand's famed Jati line, which takes inspiration from the rainforest. Just like its namesake, Rimba's colouring will remind you of the lush rainforest canopies we have in Malaysia. It is truly a chameleon when worn in certain lights, as you'll see the colours transforming from an earth-toned palette to a vibrant mossy green.

It features the same signature Jati weave that lends a hand to its fascinating texture that mimicks the Jati tree bark. Comparatively to Original Jati and Indigo Jati, Rimba's weave pattern is more uniform as our weavers are continuously making improvements to our signature weave. So don't be disheartened by its texture, as Rimba promises an amazing wrapping experience with both smaller babies and toddlers. It will soften up considerably after a wash and a few wears.

100% cotton, handloomed jacquard weave with green/blue/khaki/natural variegated yarns of varying thickness
Surface weight: 250gsm

Newborn and toddler worthy.

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