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Firespiral Pyrula Aqua Vortex (Linen) - size 6

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75% cotton, 25% linen, Alchemy weave

Released 15.08.2016  

Heavier weight (312gsm).

Pyrula Aqua Vortex is a heavier weight wrap at approximately 312 gsm. The linen that we have selected for this wrap is twisted with a similar weight cotton thread, making it incredibly soft from the outset, and requiring very little breaking in.

Pyrula Aqua Vortex embodies our enthusiasm for sunny days and sandy beaches. There is a certain light at the seaside in the North of England during the summer months that belies the comparative weakness of the sun’s rays up here on even the hottest days, and that influences our colour palette- we can’t help but hint at a cooler cloud on the horizon!

The tri-coloured weft has a detailed texture and the chunky cream cotlin glistens amongst the warm toned cotton. This warmth brings out the green tones in the aqua and intensifies its overall colour. Linen has naturally heat regulating properties; being a long, hollow fibre it has the capacity to absorb liquid quickly and then allow it to evaporate, in much the same way that sweating cools the surface of our skin!

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