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About Us

The traditional people and custodians of the lands on which we live and work are members of the Kulin People – the Boonwurrung and Woiwurrung. I acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

Frangipani Baby has been running since 2008, sharing love and passion for babywearing with parents and caregivers.

Babywearing is a fantastic bonding experience between you and your children. Whether you do it for cuddles, closeness, hands-free time, travelling, hiking, playing in water, keeping your children from wandering off, injury, disability or for any other reason, there is most likely a carrier to assist.

The products we sell have been selected to meet a wide range of tastes, budgets, styles, shapes, fabrics and other needs as there isn’t a a “one size fits all” approach to babywearing.

Frangipani Baby will only partner with manufacturers and companies who operate in an ethical fashion, including fair pay and treatment of staff, non appropriative designs, ethically sourced fibres.  If you have questions about any of the brands or products in the store, please send a message to discuss.

Knowing how overwhelming it is in the beginning, my aim is to make you feel at ease and help you make the right decision for you and your baby.

Please contact me via facebook, drop me an email and I'll help you find the right carrier for your needs.



Who is behind Frangipani Baby? 

I'm Jo, a queer, non-binary parent of two gorgeous children, living in the western suburbs of Melbourne. I've been babywearing since my eldest was a couple of days old. He and I used to go everywhere in our stretchy wrap, it made shopping trips and public transport a breeze. We moved interstate when he was three months old and babywearing meant he always had a safe and constant place to sleep for the months until we moved into our own house.

As he grew bigger I tried a number of different carriers and wraps. I love the wide range of products that are readily available for babywearing nowadays; there is something that will suit everyone. For me, this is a combination of woven wraps, ring slings and soft structured carriers, depending on whom I'm carrying and for how long.

My second baby was carried every day; when I was working, out and about or while we ran around with the bigger one. Both my children still love to be picked up and cuddled into me, bringing back memories of warmth, safety and connection.  I value the time I got to carry my children. It doesn't last forever and I cherish those special moments.

A large part of babywearing is the communities that have been established to provide support and social connections. When I moved to Melbourne I started going to local sling meets and met some other babywearing parents who have now become incredible friends, supporting me through thick and thin.

I offer a babywearing consulting service where I provide one-on-one or small group sessions (by appointment) to teach safe and comfortable use of wraps and carriers. I have also been a peer educator and committee member for Carry Australia, running free public sling meets.

in addition to running Frangipani Baby, I work in community health and volunteer my time towards a number of community development and advocacy projects.