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Pibella Comfort Set (urination device)

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Pibella, a unique solution for people to urinate while confined to bed.

Pibella was developed following the misfortune and distress of a close female family member. Fabian and René Stebler designed a simple device to ease and change the way that patients urinate while confined to bed. The solution is unique and people who used the product are enthusiastic. The successful use of the product in the health care industry is increasing.

For people who are bed bound, Pibella provides a clean, intimate and painless solution to void while lying.

Also, the easy handling of the product guarantees many advantages for  nurses and other caregivers: 
-  Time is reduced in positioning Pibella in comparison to a traditional bed pan 
-  Lifting or turning a patient becomes redundant
-  Body and bed remain completely dry when Pibella is used correctly.
-  Reduced cost
-  Less falls

The Pibella Comfort urination system allows people to urinate while lying down or sitting – without touching a toilet seat, and wherever they may be in the world.

Pibella Comfort was specially designed to provide an easy and smooth usage while lying down or sitting.

Pibella Comfort allows people to urinate lying down or sitting, e.g. when travelling; either in a tent, a dormitory hostel, a sleeping bag or at night – hence, when urination becomes complicated and uncomfortable for people, or even embarrassing; or when the toilets are inaccessible or are in a filthy state; or if it‘s too cold or stormy outside.

Pibella Comfort is a great benefit for patients and healthcare. Pibella Comfort has been used in hospitals, nursing homes and homecare.

Pibella Comfort proves to be highly comfortable and discreet for patients who suffer from the following: illness, discomfort, bone fractures; before and after operations as well as at night when getting up is either difficult or impossible. Pain, embarrassment, stress and effort are reduced, and even costs are cut.

Pibella Comfort can also be used in a sitting position without any difficulty, e.g. in a car, on the edge of a bed and to some extent even in a wheelchair.

The Pibella Comfort urination system allows for water to bead off; it can be cleaned in dishwashers; it‘s rinseable and can even be boiled (up to 135°C); it is a product than can be used an infinite number of times. The urine bags can be used for multiple personal use and can be reordered.

More Facts & Hints
Each delivery comes with precise instructions. Further, illustrations show how it is possible to ractise on the hand.

Pibella ensures a firm but soft coverage of the urethral orifice. No drops or splashes of urine can escape, hence the person stays dry. The last drop can be wiped off using the special tongue.

The first time it is used takes a bit of courage to "let go" when urinating. Afterwards it quickly becomes a routine.

Experience reports of people who travel, patients' statements and letters of reference written by renowned specialists from hospitals are listed at www.pibella.com.

Pibella was developed as a result of an affected family member and has now been made available to all women. This unique urination system is highly appreciated by teenagers and elders all over the world.

• Retains privacy, dignity and generally increased well-being
• Provides more independence as patients can use it unaided in hospitals or at home
• Decreases stress and discomfort as there is no need to wait for a caregiver or nurse to provide a bedpan
• Increases comfort as there is no need to wait for the bed pan to be removed and emptied
• Decreases pain as effort to lift pelvis is unnecessary
• Perineal area, buttocks, back and thighs remain dry
• Bed remains dry –no spillage of urine
• Less irritated skin – decreased potential of skin infections
• No pain inflicted by the bed pan – less skin abrasions
• Lid prevents any unpleasant odour
• Decreased use of indwelling catheters, therefore less urinary tract infections
Pibella Comfort was specially designed to provide an easy and smooth usage while lying down or sitting.

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