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Yaro Urban Geo Puffy Dazzling Grey - size 6

Yaro Urban Geo Puffy Dazzling Grey - size 6

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Woven wrap size 6 (4.6m)

100% cotton



The mail arrives at your doorstep. It is fluffy mail! But wait. Why is that package so large? You only ordered one wrap.

Let us introduce you to something new; Puffy!

Puffy is an adjustment in Yaro's Contra weave. They have added a special kind of thread which is much larger than normally used. But in what way does that affect the wrap?
The Puffy weave makes the wrap different, in looks, wrapping and overall feel. In loomstate this wrap may feel a bit intimidating; soft but dense and heavy. The first wash will give Puffy a head-start; it blooms up very nice and you will be embraced with even more softness. It is very nice to touch and has loads of texture. Grippy without being rough. A combination of crispy white and dazzling grey threads give this wrap a striking appearance.
In terms of wrapping-experiences and qualities, Puffy will surprise you. If you prefer wraps that are on the thicker side, this wrap would be the right fit for you. Urban Geo Puffy Dazzling Grey wraps forgiving and rather easy for people who have a bit experience with fluffier, thicker wraps. This is the ultimate wrap if you have picky shoulders! Cloudy with a marshmallow effect, is how it feels and also looks. It gives you a solid impression, with a subtle amount of bounce. This is what they can call a 'prison' for your heavy toddler. Can handle a lot in single layered carries, will not move in an unpleasant way and stays in place for a long time. Can you believe it? Something that is stronger than a workhorse, but cuddly too?!

In terms of suitability, this wrap is not so much for little babies. The softness will allow it, but the thickness and capabilities of this wrap does it's justice more with bigger babies, toddlers and even pre-schoolers. You don't need a high experience level to get along with this wrap.


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